JCDecaux – promotional video production, DVD and 3D graphics

One Productions was commissioned by JCDecaux to make a two-minute video production as part of a presentation to showcase the new Metropole and Metropanel outdoor advertising units introduced to the Dublin cityscape in 2008.

At the time of the production, the Metropanel units (the bus shelter-sized units) were not in location at all, with only their poles visible in the ground. One Productions planned, storyboarded and carefully shot the unit locations, and then rendered up in 3D models of the units to be dropped into the live footage at each location featured. Actors were used to be looking at the (not yet existing) units to further enhance the reality of the presentation.

The video was presented inside a DVD which also contained location maps an pricing details. The presentation was used exclusively by JCDecaux to introduce the new units to Ireland’s advertising agencies, and the impact of the presentation and offering was so strong that all units were booked out by Christmas.

Metro Formats are the newest addition to JCDecaux’s premium product offering. The award winning Metropoles and Metropanels have revolutionised the outdoor landscape and audience delivery in Dublin City. With 100% illumination and hand-picked high audience locations, they are a must for outdoor media plans.

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