Irish Blood Transfusion Service – video production & info pack

One Productions completed a DVD video production and information pack for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS), which is now used nationwide as an educational tool for informing teenagers about the importance of giving blood. The motion graphics in the video were designed to be as clear and simple as possible, to answer any questions viewers may have about the blood donation process in Ireland.

Upon volunteering to give blood, donors are asked to register personal details with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service. This information is then entered on the IBTS secure donor database to be used for communication purposes in all future correspondence.

Each time you attend to give blood, you will be asked about specific aspects of your medical history and asked to fill in
a health and lifestyle questionnaire. New donors, or donors who have not given blood in the last two years, will be
interviewed by a doctor or nurse in an area that provides as much privacy as the setting allows. There is currently a demand in Irish hospitals for 3,000 donations a week.

For further information, please consult the Irish Blood Transfusion website by clicking on the link below:

Irish Blood Transfusion Service