Humanise Online Video1. Put a face to the name.

Be more than just a brand. Online video gives your company the chance to let customers see who you are behind the logo.  Video messages from your CEO, owners, and staff communicate friendliness and transparency to your customers.

2. Cultivate a personality.

Let your customers get to know you! Use online video to set the tone for what your company’s all about. Develop your own unique voice. Start a rapport with your audience. Use your company’s strengths to your favor, and show your customers why you remain the best choice.

3. Build trust.

Showcasing your product through video demonstrates your confidence in your project and encourages customers to share that confidence. A 2012 study showed 57% of people were more confident in purchasing a product when they had watched an online product video first (up 5% from the previous year.)

4. Engage your audience.

Online video affords the opportunity to open a dialogue with your customers. Respond to YouTube comments, ask for questions and opinions, generate feedback from your viewers. Show your commitment to involving with with your customers on a personal level. 50% of people surveyed in 2012 stated they were more engaged with a brand or retailer when they incorporated video into their marketing (up 6% from 2011).

5. Show a sense of humor.  

Don’t be afraid to be funny! Corporate online video that includes humorous content is more likely to be shared and watched over and over again. Let your audience see the candid side of your corporation. Let loose and have fun!

6. Showcase your employees.

Are you proud of your staff? Show them off! Theres no need to hire actors. Online video is the perfect platform to introduce your employees to your customers, and exhibit  the human side of your brand. Interviews, sketches, demonstrations, and product pitches are all great platforms for your employees to became part of the face of your brand.

7. Stand out from the crowd.  

Online video is a rapidly rising trend, but many corporations still aren’t incorporating it into their marketing plans. Stand out from the crowd by being the company with the best (or only!) videos.


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