Phones and tablets have radically changed the face of digital media over the past few years. With the popularity of mobile devices sky rocketing, many companies have found new a new instrument to market themselves on. With that in mind, One Productions have decided to develop an infographic dedicated to the importance of mobile video marketing.

It has been reported that the average person has their mobile phone within reach approximately 14 hours per day. And that 77% of global online users are now beginning to go online solely using their phone. This is definitely a powerful new tool to connect with your clients and fanbase. And as the stats suggest, the smart phone users are rapidly starting to crave video content that they can view and share from their handheld devices.

For more info on mobile video marketing, check out our brand spanking new infographic below.

Mobile Video Marketing Infographic

Mobile Video Marketing

As the popularity of these devices rose, so did the need for companies to optimise their websites. With more websites now mobile accessible, many people are starting to engage with content via these smaller devices instead of traditional pcs or laptops.

Mobile video marketing is definitely something that companies around the globe have started to invest in. By first understanding how their clients are using the internet, they can then understand the best ways to connect with them. And, as the infographic states, with over one billion views on YouTube mobile a day, it is  not hard to see where customer preference is leaning towards. So, what do you think? Is your company ready to embrace the the newest trend in marketing?

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