Four steps to make your Video Effective


1. Title – Striking, relevant and exciting.

Before we get to read a description or view a  video, the title has to grab our attention. Be short and to the point. Some of YouTube’s most viral  video  titles include JK Wedding Entrance Dance, Dramatic Chipmunk and David after Dentist. On one hand, you have an idea of what the  video  concept is. On the other hand, these  videos  have not given too much information away and most importantly, they are easy to remember.


2. Description -How to reveal the story behind the  video.

Have you made the perfect  video? Yes. Have you set up a YouTube account? Yes. Have you written a thorough description of the  video? No. A step that we all ignore is writing a precise description, entailing what you can expect in the  video.

It is the first 120 characters that will show up on the display page so make sure in your brief introduction to make them eye catching. Remember, you want to intrigue the viewer, so make your introduction short, vibrant and interesting.

As soon as you have them engaged, they can read the full description on your profile page. You have the opportunity to write 5000 characters. Why not use them? You have already given an eye catching introduction. Now it is time to give them a full description.


3.  Get optimal exposure – Share. Link. Like.

It is social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest that people are engaging with daily. Most people look at  videos  after clicking on hyperlinks they have seen in their newsfeeds. Want a successful  video? You need to be appearing on these newsfeeds.

Share your  video  on your own page and on pages that your business interacts with. Be careful not to spam. The best way to get optimal exposure on the internet is for other businesses or for clients to share and like. Together with a catchy title, thorough description, well edited  video  and interesting content, this should be an easy task.


4. Engage with clients – speak directly to your client and listen to what the customer wants

No longer is social media a company sending a  video  to its audience and the audience watching it. Now, the most important aspect is engaging with the client and getting a response from them. With YouTube  videos  and websites such as twitter, you have the opportunity to speak directly to your client through commenting or retweeting. This is your opportunity to listen to what the customer wants. So, listen.

A consumer wants to feel unique. So why not make them feel unique? Link. Listen. Engage.

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