Burren Connect – Educational CD-ROM

One Productions created the educational CD-ROM ‘Burren Connect’ as a learning resource on the geology of the Burren’s unique environmental attributes. This digital package forms a comprehensive introduction to the geography, archaeology, history, flora and fauna of the region – incorporating video production, audio recordings on voice-over, images and slideshows.

The Burren Connect interactive CD-ROM strives to impart information on the Burren in an enjoyable and accessible way, and is particularly useful for students in primary and secondary schools and as an aid for teachers.

The CD-ROM is designed to answer frequently asked questions about the Burren, such as how it was formed; why it is famous for its flowers and archaeology; why farming is so important in the shaping of the region; and how the distinctive local culture has developed over the centuries. Each section consists of an introduction, ten interesting facts about the Burren and a quiz with a random selection of questions to test if you have been paying attention. Each question is scored and you can have fun competing with friends, family, classmates, teachers and guests on your knowledge of the Burren.

For further information on the Burren Connect CD-ROM, click on the link below:

Burren Connect educational CD-ROM