Bennett Construction – DVD video production, web design & marketing

Bennett Construction – one of Ireland’s largest building and property development companies – approached One Productions to shoot and produce a multi-part DVD video production to showcase their services with case studies.

The shoot was a major production, covering ten separate topics and 20 individual construction projects around the country. Helicopters were used to gather aerial shots, with many of the sites covered with high-quality steadicam apparatus.

One Productions also fully redesigned and redeveloped the Bennett Construction international website, a move necessitated by Bennett’s expansion into the UK and Middle East markets.

Bennett were provided with promotional DVDs for general marketing purposes, and were set up with an in-house system which enabled them to burn custom-made DVDs containing selected segments for inclusion in tenders on a case-by-case basis.

One Productions also designed, printed and produced a number of written tenders for Bennett Construction, putting in place a comprehensive proposal submission system at the company.

Bennett Construction is an international family-owned construction services company with offices and projects in Dublin, London, Germany and Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1917 in Mullingar, the Bennett Group is now an established market force with an experienced and focused team.

Further details on their global operations can be found by clicking on the link below:

Bennett Construction